Enocean Zigbee Switches PTM216Z stop working when permit join = false


I have issues with my Enocean Zigbee Switches (PTM216Z). If I disable joining new devices in zigbee2mqtt the switches stop working after a while.

Took me a while to link this issue with disable joining, but I can reproduce this easily now: disable joining and the switches will be non-functional after a few hours.

Is this behaviour by design/necessity (energy harvesting devices being weird entities and all), a bug in zigbee2mqtt or a possible misconfiguration on my end?

zigbee2mqtt: 1.18.1-1
Home Assistant Core: 2022.5.2
Home Assistant Supervisor: 2022.05.0
Home Assistant OS: 7.6
Kernel version: 5.10.103-v8

Zigbee Dongle: LAUNCHXL-CC1352R

Still same as above, just with most recent versions

I think I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you make any progress @tldp ? I see an issue was opened but didn’t receive any feedback here Enocean Zigbee Switches PTM216Z stop working when permit join = false · Issue #14198 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub

We will probably need to gather logs and add this to the issue to get some assistance, though I’m wondering if as you suggest it could be by design or a limitation of the EnOcean modules.

Leaving permit join on shouldn’t generally be an issue, I guess?

No, no progress whatsoever. Joining is still permitted 24/7.
So far it has not been an issue, but as soon as any of my neighbours in range decides to use zigbee devices problems will come for sure.

I’d be happy to add logs to the issue but there has been no reaction whatsoever so far.
Probably not too many people use energy harvesting zigbee devices or they all just never disallow joining…