Entity-filter card regex filter won't work

Something is wrong with my entity-filter card configuation, but I can’t find the reason why. The card gives no output.


Lovelace card config:

type: entity-filter
  - entity: sensor.seventeentrack_package_511817441021
  - operator: regex
    value: "(\bdelivery\b)"
    attribute: info_text
  type: glance
show_empty: false

Thanks for your help!

Try it this way:

    value: "\bdelivery\b"

Thanks, but still the same ;-;

What about

value: ".*delivery.*"


Tried this with some random sensor, but the regex thingy seems pretty much broken, if you ask me, or I’m missing something.

Yes it is, but

value: ".*delivery.*"

from @Troon seems to work.

OK, so it looks like it’s wanting the regex to match the entire attribute, rather than the conventional meaning of a regex match.

Maybe someone should fix the docs for this card.
They also did there some grouping like in my first try:

value: "^([0-7]{1})$"

Links to allow you to do that are at the bottom of that page :wink: .

The example works because they’re matching the entire attribute.