Entity names are all messed up after update to 2023.4.4

My entity names have gone crazy after the latest update to 2023.4.4. Lights have gone hidden, friendly names have been replaced by their internal ids…

I noticed that devices that have “Switch as X” are the affected devices only. What I see that happened was like this:

  • imagine a device with one relay named ‘Relay 1’

  • ‘Relay 1’ was set up to be seen as a light named ‘Desk lamp’, thus making ‘Relay 1’ hidden

  • when doing so, Home Assistant uses ‘light.desk_lamp’ as the entity name for the ‘Desk lamp’

After the upgrade to 2023.4.4 the situation is this:

  • ‘Relay 1’ is being shown as lamp, and it’s entity name is ‘light.desk_lamp’

  • ‘Desk lamp’ is being shown as a relay, and it’s entity name is the original device entity name.

The problem affects all devices in Home Assistant. I have over 100 devices. This is a headache to go and fix manually by myself.

Did anyone come across the same issue? thoughts?