Entity refresh and its frequency?

Hi there,

I actually had an issue with a value not being updated on vendor side, and therefore not in HA neither anymore, which is now solved.
But entity still shows the “old” value before the issue was solved.

Is there a way I can know :

  1. the frequency the entities are updated with their new values
  2. How to force an entity value update NOW

the entity I am talking about for example is the Ecowater Watersoftener integration …
barleybobs/homeassistant-ecowater-softener: A Homeassistant custom component to integrate Ecowater water softeners (github.com)

Many thanks !

there’s 3 properties on a state object that describe when a change (or not) occurred.

last_changed, last_updated, and last_reported.

To force updates use homeassistant.update_entity. Keep in mind, this may not cause the state or it’s attributes to change. This will only affect last_reported. HA naturally suppresses reported information if the new information is the same as the old information.

You can call the “Reload Config Entry” service for each integration:

Home Assistant Core Integration: Reload config entry

Note - Some integrations - the reload will reload all the sensors, for other integrations it works such that you would do a reload individually on each sensor.

I have found that is helpful sometimes when a sensor becomes unavailable or unknown. However, you have to be judicious in automating something like that, if reloading a config entry does not make something change from “unavailable” as expected, such an automation may enb up running over and over again endlessly.

Thank you … but where can =I find this ?

for example, My ecowater app says I have used 52 liters of water today, but the HA still gives a 0 as water consumption, where all other entities of Ecowater seems to be updated :

Hello, I was able to find where to find and restart this service :

Home Assistant Core Integration: Mettre à jour l’entité

Did it, but entity value remains to 0.
This entity, though service restart, shows a last modification and last update 2 days ago …
and I can confirm on the vendor side the value is showed and is NOT 0.

So I assume the HA can not get the value from the Ecowater vendor anymore, but I am not sure how to debug it.

  1. I think there is a way to enable logging for specific integrations ?
  2. Polling wise, is there a way to know the frequency of the polls for an integration (once a day, every hour, every 10 minutes, …) ?

Many Thanks !

If the value is no longer supplied by the integration, no amount of polling is going to help you. Most likely instead you will run into a rate limit and get nothing for all sensors for the remainder of the day.

If there also is a total water use counter, you can use utility meter to get the daily use. If there no longer is a water use sensor, then you are out of luck.

Hello Edwin,

The polling interval is for my curiosity only - I try to understand if it is the same for all integrations, if it difers etc … I am wondering where I can retrieve this information.

Now I am in debug mode to understand and solve the issue with the data not coming from the vendor …

and I am stucked