Entity values shown on dasboard card but not in "History Graph"


probably a newbie question… :upside_down_face:
The energy from my 2 PV installations are shown on the dashboard using “Glance Card”.
Configuring the same entities on “History Graph Card” show no values (please see screeshot).

Thanks for any tip in advance!

Are they included in recorder ?

Hi there, welcome to the community, as @francisp said you will only be able to get the history graph card to work, if the historiy of the entities are recorded by the Recorder - Home Assistant integration. If you havent added it, just add the following to the configuration.yaml

  purge_keep_days: 2
      - switch.bedroom_light
      - sensor.temperature_sensor_1
      - switch.living_room_light

Please change the entity ids and also the purge days that you want.

@francisp , @sheminasalam : thanks both for the hint… I’ll try and will let you know - much appreciated!

worked perfectly - thanks again!