Environment Canada Integration

Environment Canda has rolled out a new alerting system in the last few days. Today, the sensors for weather alerts seem to have gone silent.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this behavoiur?

Maybe base on your location, statement and warning are working in my area.

They must not be publishing data right now. Both Belleville and Trenton have nothing showing but we are under a freezing rain warning. I added orleans and the warning is there. I will wait a bit.

Something you can do (if you don’t know this already) is to use a sensor to pull the name of the warning out.

@beachsand Thank you for the information.

It was them. Things magically came back to life at around 01:00.

Here is a little more on templating out the warning names from the Environment Canada integration.

This is the current state for the E. C. sensor for trenton warnings. Right now, we have two warnings issued.

With a few home made sensors that template out the individual data, you can display like this and then also make lots of automations to notify of warnings, etc.