Error after fresh installation on RPI3


I installed HA to my RPI3 using “Manual Installation on a Raspberry Pi”.
After the installation, HA started normal, after restarting hass I see this Error in the log file:

17-03-21 22:30:37 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.loader] Error loading homeassistant.components.tts. Make sure all dependencies are installed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/srv/homeassistant/homeassistant_venv/lib/python3.4/site-packages/homeassistant/”, line 141, in get_component
module = importlib.import_module(path)
File “/srv/homeassistant/homeassistant_venv/lib/python3.4/importlib/”, line 109, in import_module
return _bootstrap._gcd_import(name[level:], package, level)

Deleting /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant and restarting HA works fine for once, after that the Error returns.

The same Error occurs after installing HA with the All-In-One installer.

Any idea what’s wrong?


It might be related to this problem (there is also a workaround described):

thanks, your problem sounds pretty much the same, I will try the workaround.


the workaround works, great!