Error installing Sunricher Wall Switches

Hi there,

Just started with Home Assistant (old Homey user) and started installing devices. So far, almost good.
I’ve had a problem with the installation of the sunricher wall switches (2, 4 and 8 knobs), with battery, zigbee variant.

It does find the switch, but only shows battery status/power. It does nog regognise any knobs/switches. Should’nt this have to be at identities?

Please help, greetings, Michiel

Same here…

First of all, it would help if you told what ZigBee integration you are using : zigbee2mqtt, ZHA or deconz.

Second: ZigBee switches normally don’t create entities to switch, you have to listen to events.

Figured it out. Im kind of new to zigbee, so i guess this is basic stuff. I thought the buttons would show up as entities. Under developer tols>events, i listened to zha_event, then pressed the buttons on the wall swith. The events did register.

So, i guess i just need to create automation that triggers on events instead of entity states.

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Hello Malnes,

is it possible to share a blueprint for this switch?
I’m at the same point to figure the integration out…

BR Ronny