Error line about mounting

Hi All,

After a docker crash I did a new installation. Checked the log files and see this line. Is this a problem of can I leave this behind and don’t care about it?

Nov 6 10:41:55 raspberrypi dockerd[2165]: time="2019-11-06T10:41:55.982561107Z" level=warning msg="7749aa7d20c1d59f5aa85cfe2f08182649302ad3dbba3af5d1cdbcd207aeaefc cleanup: failed to unmount IPC: umount /var/lib/docker/containers/7749aa7d20c1d59f5aa85cfe2f08182649302ad3dbba3af5d1cdbcd207aeaefc/mounts/shm, flags: 0x2: no such file or directory"

Thanks Peter