Error Log Segmentation

I recently built and configured a server to move my Home Assistant setup off the Raspberry Pi to something with a little more horsepower and storage.

While, for the most part, things went smoothly with just a few minor snags I discovered that the logs have changed in such way that makes things a bit more difficult.

I love the INFO: prefixes as it allows me to separate what needs attention from that that you just need to be aware of. However, there are so many INFO that it absolutely dilutes all others. Don’t get me wrong, I like this idea, I like the prefixing with INFO, ERROR, etc., but is there not a way to segment the entries. Perhaps a tab that lists all the INFO messages and a tab for all the ERROR messages, that way I can get to what I need to quickly instead of having to sift through all the INFO messages too?

Just a thought.

just to be clear you are using the HA logbook to view the log. Right? If so that would be nice. It would also be nice to be able to filter so you only get messages from the process you are interested in.

That is correct, I was looking at the logbook, not the actual log file in the configuration directory.

I guess filtering would be easier to implement that tabs, so that would be good too. Just click on a drop down or something like that for the specific type of errors that you want to see. Though it might be nice to filter those as well in order to see messages about specific nodes or something like that.