Error with TTS and Google Home devices - Won't speak

I’m a Home Assistant newb, but I’ve used homeseer for nearly 10 years and I’m migrating away.

I’m trying to build some scripts and automations that will give status updates via my google homes. When I try to add a TTS action, it will cause the notification sound on the device to ding, but nothing is ever spoken, and then I get this error message that pops up:

Failed to call service script/good_night_routine. CastMediaPlayerEntity._quick_play Failed: Execution of quick play timed out after 30.0 s.

I’m getting stuck, and googling/searching the forums isn’t yielding any great answers. Not sure if it’s a configuration problem, or something else. Would love some pointers to try and get this resolved.

Generally that is a sign that your internal and external URL is not correct. It can ping the device, but the text is not able to pass thru. Make sure that google can get to the internet. It has to get to the cloud to do TTS with the googles.