Escea Fire Integration


I am trying to install the Escea integration released in 2022.9.

My Escea fire (DX) is not automatically detected & so I follow the manual install instructions.

But when I do this a pop up message occurs “Error This integration does not support configuration via the UI. If you followed this link from the Home Assistant website, make sure you run the latest version of Home Assistant”.

I am running the latest version of HA, so I am not sure what the issue is. @lazdavila can you help?

Note that I presently have the Escea custom component from @snikchnz installed and it works well. I just wanted to see if the integration provided any additional features


I am having issues adding the new integration via the GUI too. Same as @rspittle .
Have removed the old custom component integration (removed from configuration.yaml & renamed the custom component folder & rebooted HA) but still get the “Error This integration does not support configuration via the UI” pop up message.

@lazdavila are you still working on this integration?