ESP requests password but no password given!

I updated my ESPHome and Devices to Version 2024.6.2 earlier today. I noticed that my RATGDO did not update from 2024.6.1 and it failed to upload the new version after it successfully compiled the update. I received the error shown in the title of this message: ESP requests password but no password given!

I have made no changes since updating to Version 2024.6.1, but prior to that I had edited the various yaml files inserting the code required since 2024.6.0 shown here:

  # Create a secure password for pushing OTA updates.
  - password: "mypassword"
    platform: esphome

All my other ESPHome devices seem to migrate to 2024.6.2 today so I am a bit unclear on what has gone wrong? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Did you change password by mistake or was there no password previously?

Also, you’re not using substitutions or secrets for the password are you?

You may need to manually update with usb


Does order matter? Maybe try platform before password

I’ve hit the same issue. I have my config organized a little different, but I still have the same error on both of mine.

  - platform: esphome
    password: "passwordhere"
========================= [SUCCESS] Took 4.96 seconds =========================
INFO Successfully compiled program.
INFO Connecting to <x.x.x.x>
INFO Uploading /data/build/ratgdo/.pioenvs/ratgdo/firmware.bin (633584 bytes)
INFO Compressed to 422282 bytes
ERROR ESP requests password, but no password given!

Use of “password” is deprecated and not advised to be used for quite a while now, so perhaps it’s something in this direction…? Try with encryption and 32-byte base64 password.

EDIT: sorry, disregard this!

Isn’t that for the api?
ota should still accept password, especially with the latest breaking change where that is used as an example.

Check your indentations.
When copy/pasting text into an editor with auto-indent, then it can be all weird results.

Indeed… my bad… sorry!
Perhaps a long shot, but sometimes doing a clean build helps in weird situations…

Looks like it might be issue addressed by this PR