ESP12E/F Normal Run with tasmota, Connecting Wires

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Hi Guys, I’m a Newbie, I have just started to use HA and all of IOT for past 3months. Please teach me even it’s a minor issue and also ignore my silly doubts😜.
I have connected my ESP12F with 3.3v to VCC and CH-PD, GND to GND and started to use tasmota with 5v relay, I got delayed response so i disconnected CH_PD and it worked well at that time but after a day i got connection issues, sometimes hanging, hand to restart multiple times. Then i searched thro google and found that i had to connect CH_PD to 10k and then to 3.3v, also GPIO15 to 10k and then to GND. Now it works without any issue, been a day no errors. I didn’t know about connecting with resistor as i was using breakout board for flashing. Have i done it correct? Or are they any more connections needed for basic run with tasmota?
My Connections
3.3v to VCC
3.3v to 10k to CH_PD
GND to 10k to GND