ESP32-CAM can't get image

I’ve followed all the instruction written in the article ,still can’t see image in HA.
I’ve Home assistant installed in the ‘traditional way’ ,and is updated to the current
version 0.94 (using lovelace).Running on RPI.HA identify presence of IP camera but shows only image small icon. Appreciate any idea of the reason prevents showing camera streaming.

I finally got mine working. What firmware have you uploaded to your ESP32-cam?

I have found 2 different versions that you upload with arduino.

one is this method:

The other is the firmware that is in the examples under ESP32>Camera>CameraWebServer and this is the one i’m using, this one gives you a configuration page and the other does not.

if the same as mine try using this:

  - platform: generic
    name: ESP32Cam_1

naturally replace the IP to suit yours.