Esp32 cam connection to HA failing

Hi all,

sorry, I fully appreciate that I am probably doing something very silly to not get this working but…

I have the following esp32 cam from Amazon

what I am aiming for is if a binary sensor triggers movement in home assistant a snapshot is taken of the area that has movement. The binary sensors are MQTT and currently happily turn on lights.

I am able to see the webserver screen

And take stills and start the stream from it.

However, i cannot seem to get it to connect to HA at all.

it also seems to power off after about 4 minutes and needs restarting.

Is what i am trying to do possible, and is anyone able to talk me through it, please.

I am running HA on a laptop pc running ubuntu.

I see you posted in the esphome sub-forum, but you don’t seem to be using esphome? (Your screenshot is not from esphome, it looks like the standard firmware that comes with the camera or via arduino ui).

If you are not using esphome, you’ll need to set up the url for the camera in configuration.yaml.

Moved to Configuration.