Esp32 cam, motionEye y token de larga duración

Hello, I’m new to this and I’m having a problem, I want to use motionEye as cctv but the problem I have is that the token that I get changes every time I enter the home assistant, I read about it and recommend using a long token duration. The token is already created the problem I do not know how to call it, that is, I have this code in services:

 "access_token": "570eb601d617a998f09d6d99b6bb3ca27977c5a48331b4e4e4da92987964d675",
  "friendly_name": "Bar",
  "entity_picture": "/api/camera_proxy/camera.sala?token=570eb601d617a998f09d6d99b6bb3ca27977c5a48331b4e4e4da92987964d675",
  "supported_features": 0

You need to create long lived access token for Homeassistant

Are you trying to connect motioneye to HA like trigger
You want show motioneye camera in HA
You want HA camera in motioneye

What type camera are you using. IP or USB
If IP you should probably connect to motioneye then display motioneye camera in HA