ESP8266 Light_Sleep

Has anyone got light_sleep to work reliably with the ESP8266?

I’m trying to use both a timed sleep and an interrupted sleep together and am just getting weird results and going round in circles. Maybe you can only do one or the other; it would be good to know.

Is this new?

I thought only deep sleep was implemented, and only one instance at that:


Only one deep sleep component may be configured.

I’m not using ESPHome but writing my own sketch for the 8266 using the Arduino IDE. In that and in addition to deep sleep, there is also light sleep and modem sleep.
Modem sleep doesn’t save enough power for my project and I cannot get my unit to wake up fro deep sleep because (I’m guessing) I have a built in LED on GPIO16.
So I need to use light sleep.

Well you posted in the ESPHome category, so you can understand the confusion. Moved.

You would be better off asking in an Arduino support forum.

My bad. I wasn’t that aware of ESPHome as a thing.
I’ve looked through other fora and not got very far so thought someone using HA might have a solution. Maybe I can move the post.

Already moved.