Esp8266 on off switcher rather than momentary switch


Is there any way to use a on off switch rather than a momentary switch on a esp8266? I currently have momentary switches running in my house. however i also have some things controlled in my camper van and ould like to keep all the switches the same type for what im using with none HA switches.

The switches have LED indications on them when switched on, so i would like to keep it so when the device is switched on, the switch position will always be in the on state

thanks folks

I’m running a nodemcu device with ESPeasy firmware which allows you to connect “push button” type switches as well as “normal” (on/off) switches:


Maybe have a look at ESPeasy…



yes got esp easy running, i didnt realise you could have normal switch type. however if i was to do it this way, if i was to switch off the device i want the switch to control (an esp relay in this case) within ha then the switch would still be in the on position with the Switch LED illuminated, which is not a true reflection of the status, unlike when using momentary switches.

Any thougths?