ESP8266 reset from flash failure


The new restore from flash changes that were introduced a few patches ago has caused some issues with my esp8266 (Wemos D1 mini). Specifically, light that is turned on or off depending on a temperature sensor. It would previously restore its state both after network loss, or power loss, and worked overall flawlessely every time.

I have since added the following code to revert the changes as per instructions on the ESPhome homepage, but with no success.

  board: esp01_1m
  restore_from_flash: True

  flash_write_interval: 0s

Any idea as to what could be wrong?

For start setting write interval to 0s is pretty “dangerous”, since it may lead to flash corruption (because too many writes!). If flash has gone bye-bye due to excess writing then change board is your only option…

Thanks, I read that and I understand the need for write limiations. I tried setting a time limit but it didn’t help. In my particular case I need short interval state storage, when the flash eventually gives up I’ll replace the board with a new one.