Esp8285 rbg led diyhue

im looking for some help as im not quite understanding the code to get a esp8285 rgb led controller to work with diyhue, in not sure if im missing code or if i have pins wrong, home assistant finds the light but only turns it on or off, no colour options

  name: backlight
  platform: ESP8266
  board: esp8285
  ssid: "..."
  password: "..."
  # Enable fallback hotspot (captive portal) in case wifi connection fails
    ssid: "backlight"
    password: "..."
# Enable logging
# Enable Home Assistant API
  password: "..."
  password: "..."
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO05
    id: 'color_red'
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO14
    id: 'color_green'
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: GPIO12
    id: 'color_blue'

  - platform: rgb
    name: "backlight"
    red: color_red
    green: color_green
    blue: color_blue
  - platform: fastled_spi
    id: color_led
    chipset: SM16716
    data_pin: GPIO14
    clock_pin: GPIO4
    num_leds: 1
    rgb_order: BGR
    name: "color_led"
    default_transition_length: 0.4s
    gamma_correct: 0.8
      - random:
          name: Random Effect With Custom Values
          transition_length: 5s
          update_interval: 3s
  - platform: template
    name: "light_id"
    id: light_id
    lambda: |-
      return {"esphome_diyhue_light;mac_address;light_name;ct_boost;rgb_boost"};
    update_interval: 24h

  port: 80 

Frankly I hadn’t heard of diy hue before your post, and I am not sure why you would need it, as esphome makes a perfectly good dimmable colour light.

However it looks like you have not actually defined the mac address, or the other variables in this line

return {"esphome_diyhue_light;mac_address;light_name;ct_boost;rgb_boost"};

Diyhue is a emulated hue bridge that works with 3rd party lights such as esphome. As i have a Philis TV with ambilight and hue I can make other lights sync up with my tvs back light. I’m not sure if the code is even right. The light turns on and of in home assistant. But with no colour options.

In the docs it says:

Replace the values as follows:

  • esphome_diyhue_light : cannot be changed and must remain here to allow for proper detection of the light by diyHue
  • mac_address : replace with the MAC address of the device
  • light_name : replace with the name of the light
  • ct_boost : this value is utilized by diyHue to increase/decrease the default brightness of the CT light. Set this value to 0 to disable the feature. Must be an integer.
  • rgb_boost : same as ct_boost except will apply for the RGB component of the light.

The whole thing looks quite interesting, but I am not sure I need it. I don’t have Philips TV and Home assistant controls my lights nicely. Looks like a very accomplished project though.