ESPHome and INA219 current sensor is off

I am currently trying to get ESPhome and INA219 working. I show shunt is a R100 on the board.

The INA219 is connected to d1MINI with i2c. Below is my ESPhome

  sda: 4
  scl: 5
  scan: True
  id: bus_a
# Example configuration entry
  - platform: ina219
    shunt_resistance: 0.1 ohm
      name: "INA219 Current"
        - multiply: 100
      name: "INA219 Power"
      name: "INA219 Bus Voltage"
      name: "INA219 Shunt Voltage"
    max_voltage: 12.1V
    max_current: 1.5A
    update_interval: 20s

I show current values are Bus volt .82V
Current -4.168A
Power .03 Watts
Shunt Voltage -0.00

Currently I have a fan hooked to it. The fan is 12v at .1Amps(According to label). I checked with my multimeter to make sure this is correct.

Why would ESPHome be showing way different than what is true?

This suggests problems measuring motors

Did you find a solution to this? Would you please share the wiring diagram? Thanks!