Esphome + Arduino + SSR-LA switch

A have an SSR LA switch ( which is controlled by Arduino. It controls the vent heater. I need to integrate it in HA so I connected it to a nodemcu board via UART and I’m sending the integer value I need with uart.

  tx_pin: TX
  rx_pin: RX
  baud_rate: 9600
  - platform: uart
    name: "0"
    data: '0'
  - platform: uart
    name: "255"
    data: '255'

This works. But I want to put it into lovelace with an ability to see the current state (the switch I made resets to OFF just after I press it) and with ability to set any value required with a slider, as in Light component, but I can figure out how to do it…

Any input would be appreciated .