ESPHome devices on different subnets have no entities

I’ve found lots of topics similar to this but no-one with this particular issue! Any advice appreciated…

So I have two physically separate networks, on two different subnets, connected via a ZeroTier network. On the home network, ZT is running on the same machine that runs Home Assistant. On the remote network, ZT is running on the router itself. I’ve set up routing so that I can access devices on the remote network from the HA machine which is running ZT.

The system generally works fine, and I can happily access all the devices on the remote network from HA. I want to add some ESPHome devices, and I’ve configured them on the local network and verified that they’re working, before altering the WiFi and static IPs and transferring them to the remote network. I can add them manually using the ESPHome integration, but only the device shows up, not any of the entities. Any ideas?

Anything in Logs?

Looked again this morning and bizarrely the entities had populated overnight! No idea why the delay, but happy it works :slight_smile: