ESPHome from Tasmota?

I have 2 bulbs that I OTA Flashed with Tasmota a couple of years ago. I was wondering if it is possible to OTA Flash ESPHome onto them now? I thought I remembered reading somewhere that I could. If so, anyone got a link to a walkthrough?

Yeah, you can go to the devices web page and select the esphome for flashing firmware (instead of using tasmota firmware).

In case you run out of space, first use a tasmota minimum firmware as transition to esphome.

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Seems easy enough, thanks for the quick reply! I’ll be trying this over the next couple of days. Worst case scenario I screw them up and have an excuse to buy the super bright BR30s from wyze.

Check out this page; it is initially for Shelly’s, but the procedure for going from tasmota to esphome is the same.

It also mentions to disable Tasmota’s firmware check. By default, it only allows you to flash other Tasmota builds (that’s a safety feature).

To do that, go to “Console” and type in this command, followed by return:

SetOption78 1

(which i forgot to mention :grin:)


Looks like it’s on the ESPHome homepage and I’m blind. Migrating from Sonoff Tasmota — ESPHome

I’m still getting not enough space even with the minimal installed. Any ideas?

EDIT: I GZIPPED it and it seems to have loaded

EDIT 2: Maybe not. I may have bricked the bulb because it isn’t showing as online in ESPHome and I can’t access it via the ip address any longer.

Did you use the fall-back option in esphome?
if so, does it show as wifi access-point?

No access point sadly. Just occasionally blinks green. I set up the AP but it didn’t broadcast.