Esphome gpio pinout for Wi-Fi/433mhz RF Tuya Doorbell/Alarm

Has anyone have tinkered with the alarm/doorbell of this link?

I was able to flash it with Esphome and it connects to the network and HA but I cannot make the IR Receiver or the lights or the speaker to work. Any input would be appreciated.

Open it up, view the connections.

Or trial and error?

For example, the RF. There are a limited number of pins on the esp8266

Go through then one by one, for example

  pin: D0
  dump: all
  # Settings to optimize recognition of RF devices
  tolerance: 50%
  filter: 250us
  idle: 4ms
  buffer_size: 2kb

Run the code and observe the debug output. When you push an RF button (like on the remote), does anything get dumped?

Rinse and repeat for the other pins.

Thanks for the reply. I already tried that but unfortunately I couldn’t trace the connections. Also, I tried assigning different pins to the receiver and checking the logs. I assume that I don’t have to delete the node from esphome. Am I right?

If you are simply updating the yaml and uploading the new code then you don’t need to delete anything.

Some esp devices have a serial or some other interface chip between the esp and the rreal world, so investigating random pins won’t always work.

I am not necessarily encouraging you to give up, but you do realise that there are rf/wifi bridges that do work with esphome/home assistant.

Yes, that’s the case with this device, it uses a STM32F chip. I have some sonoff RF already working with HA. I bought this a couple years ago when was starting with home automation and HA and until now I didn’t have time to play with it. It has a lot of neat features and I was curious if someone already tinkered with it. Thanks again for your reply

You can’t flash esphome on an stm32f so now I’m confused.

The board has a esp8266 and also a STM32F. I flashed the esp8266 without any problems and it connects to HA and gives me the wifi signal, ip info, etc. sensor info. I think that all the logic for the alarm and lights and RF is managed by the STM32F

What sensor info does it give?

it’s only the basic sensors: status, network info, wifi strength, esphome version, uptime.


The usual way to use a STM32 and a ESP together is for them to communicate via a serial connection. Unfortunately without a logic analyser you aren’t going to know what is being exchanged between the two chips.

EDIT: Tuya do a similar thing with their dimmers, but the protocol is documented by them.

Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know where that documentation can be found? Thanks again for your willingness to help and share your knowledge.

The tuya documentation is linked somewhere in the tasmota documents, start here

Tuya do not use an stm32 AFAIK.