ESPHome + Homekit bridge

I try to move away from Ikea for my home setup. I already had HA setup for a while but don’t really understand it still and struggle to get it to do anything.

So concretely, I have 2 Ikea switches (one on/off and one that can turn on/off, control light temperature and brightness). I see both in Home Assistant.

I have one some LED lamps and a smart plug from Athom with ESPHome. All setup and working in HA.

Now my questions:

1. How can I configure the Ikea switches to work with the ESP plug and lights?
2. How can I set up the homebridge kit plugin so that I can control the ESPHome smart plug from Apple Home/Siri? I tried the GUI setup and scanned the HA bridge but the plug did not seem to come up.

Sorry for my ignorance. I just find the whole setup and ecosystem extremely complicated and frustrating.

Okay so I looked a bit more into it found out that the Ikea Switches do not work and need a ZHA setup. Fair, will get a dongle and set that up later.
But my other question still remains: How can I make a ESPHome smart plug show up in Apple Home via Homebridge kit?