ESPHome installed 2 times?

Hi, I have a strange problem that I never experienced before.
In general I keep my Home Assistant installation up to date. That’s what I also belived for the portion of ESPHome. Since I didn’t use any new features I was not aware that the add-on has not been updated since over a year now in my setup. Now I wanted to use a newer feature and was confronted with some error messages and I could’t explain to myself why I got them.
After a longer web research and checking my installation I recognized that ESPHome was showing up in my side menu, it was running but it was not mentioned in the add-on overview as beeing installed.
So I installed ESPHome again. Now I have the ESPHome add-on running 2 times. The new one and the old one. System restart didn’t help.
Does anyone has a suggestion how I can get rid of the older add-on?

Then delete the old one.

I can’t get to the add-on overview page where one can set auto start, etc. as well as uninstalling. If I try to, I get to the new version of the add-on.

Are you sure you don’t have both in the addons ui?

Yes. But I now managed to access that page changing the container ID/host in the URL. There I was now able to remove the old add-on. But it really was not present in the add-on section. Nevertheless, thank you.

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