ESPHome Multisensor - Temperature Humidity Lumnosity Presence Move Distance and 2 RGB

Hi All,

After years using multiple battery powered zigbee device, i finaly ended up making my own grid powered ESPHome multisensor device.
No more battery - more stability - more reactivity.

It’s able to provide temperature / humidity / luminosity / presence / move / distance and has 2 rgb leds for user information.

I use this 2 rgb leds for instant monitoring of solar production :

  • red top led when consuming from electrical grid, and the second led red too with varying intensity according to instant consumption
  • green when using all solar production thanks to my solar router and home assistant automations
  • blue when injecting electricity to electrical grid

Case is 3D Printed.

Parts used :

  • LD2410C
  • BH1750
  • AHT20
  • 2 RGB LED
  • WemosD1 Mini

You can find all the parts needed / wiring and case STL models on

I have also completed another project, a Smart Solar Tracker connected to Home Assistant using MQTT. (Not using ESPHome).

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