ESPHome policy re suporting other platforms?

I note that ESPHome supports ESP8266, some ESP32 versions only, and now RP2040.

I understand that, back in the day when ESPHome project started, These ESP chips were in all the cheap Tuya firmware based devices on the market; and with tuya-convert they could be prised away from tuya’s cloud. Tasmota and ESPHome are great at what they were initially designed for … but the market has moved on.

  • The ability to update firmware conveniently Over-The-Air has been removed, requiring us now to physically open devices and attack(1) them with a soldering iron
  • off-the-shelf products now use newer ESP-variant chips which are hardware pin-compatible but subtly different software-wise
  • home automation is no longer a hobby just for engineers - many non-technical users see the benefits of local control

Tasmota seems determined to stick to their originally supported chips, requiring users to replace any newer chips with the older supported variants - effectively moving Tasmota from supporting the mass-market Tuya devices to a niche of DIY engineers building their own devices.

So, what is ESPHome’s policy ? Is ESPHome also “by engineers for engineers”, or looking at the wider issue of bringing more devices into home automation under local control ? I certainly hope the latter.

We now have a window of opportunity with CloudCutter to OTA cut many newer off-the-shelf devices from Tuya’s cloud; and the LibreTuya fork of ESPHome is adding support for more of these newer ESP variant chips. They aren’t perfect or complete yet, but any project is a work-in-progress, and they are heading in what I consider the right direction. Will they even be recognised officially by ESPHome and Home Assistant projects ?

(1) and with my soldering skills, “attack” is the correct word, which is why OTA is important.

Esphome predated tuya if my memory serves me correctly. In any event tuya did not pioneer esp chip inclusion.

My mistake then. By the time I got involved, the bulk of off-the-shelf devices used Tuya firmware, and upgrading OTA no longer worked.
Not sure how that bit of history is relevant to my question about ESPHome’s future direction … unless maybe “no response” is the response ?

I haven’t had a look at libretuya or cordcutter yet.

If libretuya is a fork of esphome then I guess it will work out of the box with ha.