ESPHome Shelly1 no connection


  • Home Assistant OS 5.11 on RPI3b+
  • Core ver: 2021.2.3
  • Supervisor ver: supervisor-2021.02.9
  • ESPHome: 1.16.1

I’m trying to flash Shelly 1 v3 with ESPHome.
I followed the same procedure I used for some Shelly 2.5 via OTA.
I flashed to Tasmota first with mg2x: once adjusting template, toggle works.
Then I flashed to Tasmota mini, again ok.
The issue is flashing to ESPHome: flash goes fine but Shelly never come up again.
Someone suggested to downgrade ESPHome to 1.15.3: still ko.
Someone suggested to add wifi monitor in ESPHome source: still ko.

During source compiling I got this warning about SPIFFS deprecated:

/data/shelly1_template/.piolibdeps/shelly1_template/ESPAsyncWebServer-esphome/src/SPIFFSEditor.h:16:101: warning: ‘SPIFFS’ is deprecated (declared at /root/.platformio/packages/framework-arduinoespressif8266/cores/esp8266/FS.h:269): SPIFFS has been deprecated. Please consider moving to LittleFS or other filesystems. [-Wdeprecated-declarations]
SPIFFSEditor(const String& username=String(), const String& password=String(), const fs::FS& fs=SPIFFS);

it could be the culprit?

Any troubleshooting hints?
I’ve neved had any issues with Shelly 2.5 relays…

I know it’s quite OT, thanks for any tips.

Why do you want to flash it with ESPHome?

It has local control that works with Home Assistant already.

I already use HA ESPHome integration with other ESPHome devices and it was so easy, so I hope the same for Shelly1 devices.
In the past, one reason to use ESPHome was the native way to talk with HA without MQTT… (I don’t use it right now)
It has local control that works with Home Assistant already” means: is this limit bypassed nowadays?