ESPHome speaker as Spotify Connect device?

Currently the setup is that I have a few speakers running esphome on esp32 devices and Music Assistant as the player to source music from spotify, among other sources. However my wife mainly only listens to spotify. So in order to increase the WAF I’ve been looking for ways how it might be possible to turn an esphome powered speaker into a spotify connect device. Is such a thing currently possible? The closes was the community addon to turn the Home Assistant intance itself into a Connect device, but not a specific speaker without turning it into a squeezelite. Is squeezelite the only option here?

squeezelite is the answer to everything :slight_smile:

@simmaz: I’m in a similar situation here, did you continue with the project? and if so: which solution did you look into further, or are even using it?

Use squeezelite

Okay, I dug through the documentation, googled and “youtubed” various sources, and this is what I understand so far:
I setup a device that is running as a squeezelite player and connect it to my amp. This could be a squeezelite-esp32 or an old pi running piCorePlayer. This will be the actual playback device. Now there is a Squeezebox Integration for HA (Squeezebox (Logitech Media Server) - Home Assistant), which allows to CONTROL a LMS, but does not ACT as an LMS, correct? So I still need to run an LMS somewhere in my network in order to allow HA to control the player device via the LMS.

Is that correct so far?
Is there a way to make my HA instance an LMS?

Otherwise I’d give piCorePlayer a try, where I can run an LMS on the same device.

Sorry if all of this is super straightforward stuff and my questions sound stupid, but I find the whole concept of mediaplayers in HA still pretty confusing :-/

edit: okay, now i found ha-addon-lms/ at 22921eebbc439ec7dd378c35fba8e01acfd96a24 · pssc/ha-addon-lms · GitHub, which I think is the last missing piece :slight_smile:


yes, there is an addon, see GitHub - pssc/ha-addon-lms: Logitech Media Server Addon for Home Assistant

You’d need to add the spotty plugin to LMS. But it works for me :slight_smile:

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So I understand you run LMS in HA,
And Squeezebox in HA aswell?

So the whole ESPHOME concept is not possible?
Or is it the mediaplayer on the ESPHOME, that could connect to squeezebox op HA?

Squeezelite works on esp32. Not esphome.

I think maybe what we are looking for (at least I am) is a Spotify Connect relay service. So a service that takes any Home Assistant media player (including an ESPHome media player) and allows it to become a Spotify Connect endpoint.

This would be particularly useful if you wanted to maintain ESPHome’s voice assistant capability and did not want to put squeezelite on the ESP directly.


Yeah being able to play music directly from the spotify app and use it as a HA voice assistant both using ESPHome would be pretty cool!

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