ESPHome Tagreader Project HELP

Dear All,
I’m a amateur user of Home Assistant but very curious and focused to solve the issues.
I would like to seting up a tagreader and for that I’m looking forward this link

I bought all the parts, join wires like showed in the pictures and connect it to my HA that is installed on a Raspberry Pi 4.

HA detected it by USB and then I know that I have to flash tagreader with ESPHome.

I installed ESPHome and follow instructions that I believe that is the corret way.
So i create a node, identifying my device as a “ESP8266 Wemo D1 mini”.
After I have the yaml file created, I just edit it and past tagreader.yaml like is showed here

Then I made an upload… I have sucess on the screen but after that I have a message with f"atal error ocurred: failed to connect to ESP8266: Tined out waiting for packet header"

I’m stucked here.
Please let me know what to do or correct me if i’m doing something wrong,
Thank you all

I’m not sure if in fact I flashed the tagreader!
Anyone who can help me?

open a terminal and type:

do you see dialout listed? You must be part of the dialout group to access the serial ports.
if not:
sudo usermod -a -G dialout your_user_name
logout, log back in, now the groups command should show you in the dialout group

edit. see the line in your screen shot that says “a fatal error occured: failed to connect to ESP8266…”
that says that you did not connect or program the esp8266.

Sorry to asking, but where should I open the terminal?
On the raspberry where is installed HA and where is tagreader USB connected?
Or should I remove de tagreader from HA and connect it via USB in other machine like a mac or other raspberry with a terminal?


the same place you ran the program

I just use the app esphome directly on home assistant… I don’t know if it uses…
In fact I need a step by step help… Sorry, but i’m a begginer here.

sorry, I don’t have any experience using esphome in the Home Assistant OS.

I run mine directly on a Linux machine.

I made it!

So, I have to check my cables and I understand NFC module wasn’t receive enough energy.
In fact one of the cables on the diagram, the black one, wasn’t correctly wired… i have to connect it with the also black one cable that comes from the buzer.

This issue was responsable to all the fails on upload process on the ESPhome by homeassistant.
I realize that i have a problem with nfc module, when I disconnect all the cables from it and connect only the ESP8266 module… and I had sucess with flash.

So, right now I have the tagreader reading tags perfectly and ESP module is connected to wi-fi and working by OTA (over the air).

Many thanks to all of you that make me think and rethinhk and test and retest.
Now I have to learn how to do some automations with this project.

Stay safe

If you see wifi dropouts or disconnects - the NFC module is too close to the ESP.