ESPHome update issues

I have a couple ESPHome devices that refuse to update OTA the usual way (the usual broken pipe errors), so I use the web server method. This worked until recently, and now I’m getting MD5 errors:

Update Failed: ERROR[7]: MD5 Failed: expected:3e1fdc088a52c099bae75cb3919d77a7, calculated:4b112923a0dd68913545d7399d8d13d3

Any ideas? Wifi in the vicinity is fine, and besides not sure that would cause the MD5 error since the checksums are the same each time.

That looks bad and could indicate a failing flash chip.
Could you reproduce this on more than one esp?

Flashing over serial might work because the mechanism behind is different if I recall it right. But if a dying flash chip is actually the cause of the problem you might need to expect more (and maybe random) failures on that esp(s?) in the future. :see_no_evil: