Esphome web ui black screen for validate, install, and log

ESPHome shows blank black validate, install, and log window for every device. ESPHome is installed on the latest stable HAOS on raspberry pi. I did a fresh install completely from scratch and still have this problem. I can program my ESP8266 module with VSCode (VSCodium) with no problem. The configuration log shows expected activity and appears to be doing something, but the web ui interface has a black display window.

Am I viewing a black text on black screen display?
Can I change either the screen color or text color?

I originally posted this under HassOS because I thought the problem could be with the operating system text configuration. I found others with this problem, but never found a solution. I spent all week on this with no success.


I figured out a work around that lets me see the text on the black window in firefox:

  1. In ESPHome: OPEN WEB UI or click the ESPHome icon in left sidebar.

  2. Click “Validate” in any configuration.

  3. Black window with no text is displayed.

  4. Click mouse right in black window and a menu pops up.

  5. Click “This Frame” → “Only Show This Frame” in menu.

  6. The ESPHome window is reloaded without a sidebar on the left side.

  7. Click “Validate” in any configuration. [Again]

  8. Black window shows up, this time there is text in it.

My guess is that somehow embedding the ESPHome web ui inside the home assistant ui is broken on current firefox browsers. Anyway, now I can see what is happening in ESPHome and make adjustments to my configurations.

Try clearing your browser cache.

Already tried that - no change.

Having the same problem here but only in Firefox browser. Using another browser it works out of the box. @thebitpit are you also using Firefox?

I am getting a similar issue. Home Assistant Ingress seems broken

From the supervisor log:

21-10-15 00:14:31 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.api.ingress] Ingress error: Cannot connect to host ssl:default [Connect call failed ('', 65116)]
21-10-15 00:14:37 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.api.ingress] Ingress error: 403, message='Invalid response status', url=URL('')

It helps if you connect to it directly