Esphomeyaml remote receiver

I’m experimenting with the car mp3 ir remote, a nodemcu e12, and an ir sensor. The remote is well known in Arduino project circles. It uses the NEC protocol format, but has its own codes.

I can see the raw codes from the device using “dump: raw”, but get nothing when I specify “dump: nec”. “Dump: all” produces the same result as “dump: raw”.

The codes for the device are known. The zero key, for instance, is known to be FF6897. But, if I setup a binary_sensor for the remote_receiver, esphomeyaml rejects that code as exceeding 65535 (only accepts 0x0000). Leaving off the high order FF compiles, but doesn’t work as I had hoped.

So, I’m wondering if there is any way to use the remote_receiver / binary_sensor combination other than with raw codes (which will be very laborious to setup)? There are Arduino examples using 9600 baud loops that seem to receive the hex codes.

Anyone got an IR setup working with esphomeyaml?