Espresence Configuration - Failing to get BLE sensors into HA

I am really struggling with the configuration of Espresence. I cannot get all the components to operate as I expect they should. For example, I am not seeing the distances and the rooms.

Any and all help in getting this working will be greatly appreciated, especially by my wife. :wink:

I have been using MQTT-Explorer on a Windows laptop, which is connecting to the Mosquitto broker on HA, to check on the MQTT messages.

I have also installed the Espresence Companion. I have 3 M5Atom BLE sensors, though I have a power issue with one, so there are only 2 operating. One is at the Gate to the property and the other in the Office. I have just bought 8 Nutale BLE beacons though I only have 6 operational at the moment. I am transitioning from Tile and Gigaset G-Tags.

The screen from MQTT Explorer is below. It is clear that there are two โ€œroomsโ€, Office, and Gate. The Nutale beacons are:
Name: ID
Keys - Britta: a4c138e3d513
Keys - Trevor: a4c1386fb098
Keys - Canoe: a4c138d9ac10
Keys - Coke: a4c1385a85d4
Keys - Hippo: a4c138b3bd45
Keys - Lanyard: a4c138ba68a0

I have validated these IDs with the Nutale app.

It is clear that all 6 Nutales are being seen by MQTT, and that a4c138e3d513 is โ€œinโ€ Gate and Office, and a4c1386fb098 โ€œinโ€ Office, etc.

The Espresence Companion config.yaml is as follows:

The device_trackers.yaml is:# Example configuration.yaml entry

When I go to the Espresence Companion, I see these rooms and nodes:

I do not understand why I see all the other rooms. Though clearly Gate and Office have been correctly identified as nodes.

When I click on Devices, I see this:

There is no room or distance information.

When I look at the MQTT information in MQTT Explorer for Office, I see this:

Iโ€™m still desperately hoping for an answer.