ESpresence stops seeing beacons

I’ve been running ESPresence for a while now. It consistently detects my iOS devices, phone, iPad. But I have three BLE deacons. Two are Blue Charm beacons, the other a RadBeacon. When I initially set them up, they are detected as they are moved around, but after a time they stop being detected in any room and come up as unavailable. I’ve replaced them, thinking they may have become defective, ( acouple were caught out in the rain) Has anyone else seen this? There is a thread on the esphome GitHub, but no resolution.
Any ideas?

Not sure if this will be the issue for you, but I recently came across this same issue, of my iBeacons no longer being detected. Looking at the ESPresence devices I see that they were updated to Version: v3.3.1, and when this happened, it unchecked Send to rooms topic. So, after I rechecked this, things started to work again, But looks like this option will be deprecated in v4, according to the text next to this option. Hope this might help.

Outstanding! Thanks.

That option is depreciated and will be removed in version 4. So while turning it back on will work for now, you are eventually going to have to update your HA stuff to the newer mqtt pathing. I’m pretty sure there is information on the ESPresence site about this.

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