Espresense and charging devices

How does everyone handle devices that are charged often and are also used for room detection?

I use my Wife’s Apple Watch and My Pixel Watch as the primary indicators of our location as we both do not carry our phones around with us. But they both need to be charged daily. Does anyone have a setup where they turn off or swap detection to another device while trackers are being charged?

Room level detection or Home/Away detection? Are you ultimately talking about one device or the other for triggering automations? You can probably just make a toggle helper in HA that turns on when your primary tracker is charging. Next you just need to modify your automations to have 2 triggers. One uses the primary tracker unless that toggle switch helper is turned on. If it is ON(primary device is charging) then your second trigger will trigger your automations.

That’s what I ended up doing. Thank you for taking the time to respond.