ESPresense iBeacon ID rotating slightly

I have espresense setup to track my dog using a PawScout BLE device. It works great for a day and then stops because the iBeacon id changes by one number. It’s always one of the first 2 numbers with the rest of the long string remaining the same.

Yesterday: iBeacon:604a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622
Today: iBeacon:614a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622

Is there a way to define my yaml so that there’s a “wildcard” for the device_id? So far, it’s only bounced between those 2 iBeacon IDs.

here’s the YAML:

- platform: mqtt_room
  device_id: 'iBeacon:614a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622'
  name: 'Dog'
  state_topic: 'espresense/devices/iBeacon:614a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622'
  timeout: 10
  away_timeout: 120

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hi Bill,

I would first check to see if you can stop the beacon from doing that. Try looking into that beacon’s setup instructions. My guess is that it is purposely triggering this change based on motion of the beacon. So you might be able to stop this by turning OFF the motion sensor in the beacon (using their config app).

Your idea about entering the uuid with a wildcard in that position sounds good too, but my guess is that this is not possible. HA experts can address this.

Another idea: Maybe just have the ESP search for BOTH of those UUIDs.

Hey Bill …

I’ve got the Pawscouts as well and have the exact same issue.

I couldn’t see any way to control any setting/capability on the tag (they are pretty cheap tags). If you find some method, please post it here.

In the mean time, my solution is the same as what Thomas has said - effectively assume it is 2 tags (on the same collar) and if “either” of the tags is reporting HOME, then the dog is home.

It also might be related to the “outdoor virtual leash” feature. You can try turning off that feature and then see if the second UUID pops up anymore.

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Hmm … good suggestion - but I already have that feature disabled.

Since I already have these tags, and I’m a glutton for punishment so I’ll keep banging away at using them as is, for now. Although I’m also now looking at these ( as a potential replacement but I don’t see it listed here (iBeacon Tracker - Home Assistant) as a known working device.

One of my iphones is doing just that. Bouncing between 2 ids. I use a template sensor to decipher the two. You will need to create 2 mqtt_room sensors though.

  - platform: mqtt_room
    device_id: 'iBeacon:614a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622'
    name: 'Dog1'
    state_topic: 'espresense/devices/iBeacon:614a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622'
    timeout: 10
    away_timeout: 120

  - platform: mqtt_room
    device_id: 'iBeacon:604a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622'
    name: 'Dog2'
    state_topic: 'espresense/devices/iBeacon:604a9672-7382-45ac-b94f-1bb9d75af49c-8377-3622'
    timeout: 10
    away_timeout: 120

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: Dog ESPresense
        value_template: >-
          {% if states("sensor.dog1") != "not_home" %}
            {{ states("sensor.dog1") }}
          {% elif states("sensor.Dog2") != "not_home" %}
            {{ states("sensor.Dog2") }}
          {% elif states("sensor.dog1") == "not_home" and states("sensor.Dog2") == "not_home" %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}

Hi Putch,

Yes, the BC04P will definitely work with HA as well.

Re the second UUID: Their website is a little thin on technical details; I guess for good reason to keep it simple for regular consumers.

Other than the “outdoor leash” thing, maybe it has something to do with the lost dog feature? So the beacon is broadcasting the regular UUID and also the modified UUID that other people’s apps will see? Just a wild guess. Seems like you would not be able to turn that one off though.

I also see that duceduc just replied with some HA specific solution. Yay!