ESPresense - Waiting Time 2 Minutes befor changing from present to not present

I have tried using ESPresense to set up automation to open the garage door.
What works well is opening the door when I arrive. The door opens exactly when I reach the driveway with my Tesla.
What doesn’t work so well is closing the door when I drive away. There is a delay of probably exactly 2 minutes.
At first I thought it was due to the “away_timeout” which I had initially set to 120 according to the instructions. But even with the value of “10” there is still a delay of 2 minutes.
- platform: mqtt_room
name: ‘Tesla’
device_id: “iBeacon:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
state_topic: ‘espresense/devices/iBeacon:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’
timeout: 10
away_timeout: 10

Does anyone have any idea what else the problem could be?

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