Esxi issue with VM - os not detected properly?

i am running my HA under Esxi as VM. The issue is that VM is not properly “detected” so i cant execute esxi features as Snapshoting etc… any idea how to fix that?


Afaik HA OS is based on Debian, so try and select that instead of Other OS.

@zenzay42 yeah,
but question would be which version of debian.


it doesnt work… seems its more complex or issue is somewhere else?

thats whats says google:
What Linux is Home Assistant OS based on?

Home Assistant Operating System is not based on a regular Linux distribution like Ubuntu. It is built using Buildroot and it is optimized to run Home Assistant. It targets single board compute (SBC) devices like the Raspberry Pi or ODROID but also supports x86-64 systems with UEFI.

Well I just assumed it would be Debian, because that’s the only supported OS, besides HA OS. You could install Debian 12 and use the script to install HA Supervised.

uhm bit confused now…
i dont want to reinstall whole stuff… i used some oficial image… seems its not set up properly … or its HA OS…

install brand new debian 12? what is the script to install ha supervised?


I do not use ESXi myself (I use Proxmox), so my knowledge is limited in that regard. I can’t find any up-to-date guides, but I assume you’ve used the OVA image to install Home Assistant?

Some report that you need to upgrade the VM Compatibility in ESXi to make the warning go away.

Upgrading VM Compatibility

Others that you have to upgrade the Hardware Version,

Upgrading a virtual machine to the latest

However, my above suggestion was that you could (not necessarily should) install Debian 12 and use the supplied script to install HA Supervised. It’s all outlined on the page you linked to yourself above.