[EU] Air Conditioning with local control?

I’m currently looking into getting AC installed. With such an investment in something that I will use for many years, home assistant support is very important to me. I’ve currently received offers for Daikin, Fujitsu General and Panasonic. If possible I strongly prefer everything to work locally without cloud access but it’s difficult to find much information about that.

From what I’ve found so far:
-Daikin (uses Residential Controller/Online Controller app): Native home assistant integration, cloud only
-Panasonic (uses Comfort Cloud app): Custom component available, cloud only
-Fujitsu General (uses FGLair app): Custom component available, cloud only

It seems the biggest brands are all cloud only? Only workaround for local control I’ve found is using an IR Blaster but then you seem to lose a lot of features.

I’m currently considering going for Daikin as it has a native component that seems to work well and it’s also my preferred brand when ignoring the smarthome capabilities but I’m still hoping to find a better solution.

All advice appreciated!

For Mitsubishi go to https://github.com/SwiCago/HeatPump. Local 100 %.
Unit types that work

I don’t know if this is still relevant to you but I have Daikin and used the mobile app only to set up the device to access my WiFi. I did not configure it with the option of “Out of Home” which I believe is what you refer to as cloud access.

I turn it on and off through HA which works great and if anyone uses the IR remote then a few seconds later HA updates the state as well.

Updating in case anyone finds this topic in the future.
I ended up going with Daikin because of the local control options.

Sadly, the new Perfera units currently don’t work with Home Assistant. I assume that a fix for that will be found in the coming months, but it currently looks like the solution will have to go through the Daikin Cloud.

So , if local control is important for you, I’d currently recommend against the new Daikin units.

This comes late… but it could help anyone reading this.
I have installed Perfera Units. In order to get it working with Home Assistant locally, I bought Wifi modules DAIKIN BRP069B45
On my units, I disconnected the integrated wifi module and connected the BRP069B45 modules; I connected them to my local wifi with Daikin Controller App (not Onecta, but I think this is possible). After that, HA Daikin integration discovered by itself the AC Units.

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