Eufy Security Add on

I have two eufy cameras: a doorbell (T8210) and an outdoor camera (T8160).
I installed “Eufy Security addon”, "Eufy security integration, “WebRTC addon”, “go2rtc addon” and “EufyP2P addon”… I’m some confused if all this is needed.

The thing is I have both cameras working “eventually”… some times, the doorbell doesn’t work because connection timout, and sometimes outdoor camera doesn’t work with “mse: wrong response on DESCRIBE”…

I use WebRTC with this two configs (one for each):

type: custom:webrtc-camera
url: rtsp://homeassistant:8541/camera1


type: custom:webrtc-camera
url: rtsp://user:[email protected]/live1

When some camera stop working, It start working again by restarting: Eufy Security Addon, and/or go2rtc addon, and/or eufyp2p, and/or webRTC… and both start working again…

Any clue?

Thank you.

Fuatakgun is pretty responsive, you might want to open a Git issue for this or look in the existing issues.

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