Eve Energy readings constantly drop out

I have 3 Eve Energy Meters , all AU version. Model number ‎20ECF6001

I have connected them to HA and I can get all the readings out when it is available.

However the issue I am facing is that they repeatedly drop out. A couple of times a week. Is this a thread connection issue? I have ordered the skyconnect but waiting for delivery (takes forever to come from US to Sydney, stuck with USPS for a week with no movement) . Hope this would fix this

Does anyone have similar issue?

yepp. Eve Energy EU on HA x86 via Sky Connect, periodically become unavailable.

having the same issue. tried to add 5 eve energy plugs to HA. seems only to work with bluetooth. very instable connection. alternatice to convert them to tread requires buying apple tv or mini homepod. wish I invested in zigbee appliances….