Execute on app completion

I’m very new to AppDaemon and I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to execute some app logic once the callback constraint end time has reached. For example, let’s say I only wanted some lights to be controlled between the hours of 8pm and midnight using constrain_start_time and constrain_end_time. Once the end time is reached, is there built-in functionality that would allow me to execute some final logic? For example, to turn all the lights off when the end time is reached. Thanks for any help on this!

constraints are there to help you to make it easy to shut down an app for a while.

so you create an app and it only works between 8 and 12.
do you want to have an action on 12?

then just use another app that has a run_daily function at 12
or use the same but then make sure you set your constraint so that it ends when you have done the action (for example 1 minute later)

Or a run_daily at the constrain_end_time from your config file.

but you cant do that in the same app.
your constraint would block the run_daily :wink: