Exist a sensor for Android Notifications?

Hi. I’m not sure if this is the best place to post this. Let me know if I need to move the post.
I have a washing machine that has its own app for android and it sends a notification when a wash program starts and when it finishes.
Is there a sensor for home assistant that can listen to phone notifications, filter them by app, or content, etc?
I know there are other methods to integrate the washing machine to home assistant, but I think if there was such a “sensor”, the possibilities for service integration would be huge.

Does something like this exist or am I thinking of something impossible?

Depends, is it android or iOS?

For Android you should be able to do this with Tasker.

The Tasker app on an Android could actually act as an intermediary and do that. Tasker can read notifications and perform a task such as an HTTP request based on content of notification. It should work with any app’s notifications.

The official HA app also has a sensor for notifications


Forgot about the sensor mentioned by @Tinkerer

Thanks for your answers. I am looking into the companion app notification sensors now, but I think the notification counter does not show the source or content of the notifications. I am also going to try Tasker and Pushbullet, I think the latter option may be the most suitable.

I’d say there is plenty of information in the sensor;

It’s not notification counter, it’s last notification you wan.

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This works! Thank you!