Experience on moving onto a dedicated NODE-RED RPI3

I have migrated all my HA automation onto Node-Red and it works perfectly fine.

I want to setup a dedicated RPi3 and migrate all my HA Node-red flows to the dedicated Node-red system.

Does anybody have experience / advise on

  1. Setting up a Node-Red raspberry (what is the best system for Node-Red, minimal overhead) ?
  2. What is the best way to migrate the flows ?
  3. What else to consider ?

I did exactly that last weekend. Not sure if my way is the best but it works. To simplify the explanation i will call it pi1 and pi2.
Pi1=Hassio 76.1 Senors, switches, and addons Nodered, Mqtt, duckdns (This pi1 is exposed to internet for my google assistant actions)
Pi2=Hassio 76.1 Addons, Nodered

Use frenck node red addon. In Pi2 Nodered i created a second homeassistant server connection and copy the home assistant node server settings from Pi1. Now you can drag a homeassistant node into Pi2 flow and select Pi1 in server in the selection box. You will need to copy the entity id from Pi1 that you want to use in the automation. Upload automation and test if working.

To transfer your automations you can export to clipboard from Pi1 and then import flows in Pi2 and paste in clipboard box. Then you will need to change all homeassistant nodes to use Pi1 server.

Hope this makes sense. I am only back home next week and can assist if required.