Experience with corridor lights (multiple switches, one relay)?

Hey there,

I was thinking about replacing one of my corridor switches with a Sonoff T1 but before I buy it I wanted to ask if someone has experience with a similar setup.

My corridor has two switches or buttons to be more specific. They both control one relay that is turning the lights on and off. Whenever one of them is pressed they revert the current state of the light (on -> off; off -> on).
My plan is to replace one of them with a Sonoff T1. Now my question is: is there any way for the Sonoff/esphome to know what state the light has? If I press the old, not-smart switch, is there any way for the Sonoff to recognize the state change?

You mean you have a 2 way (US call it a 3 way)
A switch at either end of the corridor.
You better off keeping the dumb switches and using a Shelly 1

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You could incorporate a voltage sensing input using one of these to check the line to the globe

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Thanks, now I have the proper name for this setup.

I will check if Shelly is applicable for me. The relay is inside of the fuse box with not much option to get to it.

A Shelly 1 is about the size of an oreo cookie but with double cream