Export/Backup energy data

I’d like the ability to preserve my energy data. My database is getting pretty large and I would like to reset it.
I’m not that attached to the historical event data but the energy data is fast becoming valuable.
I’d love a feature to be able to either export energy data or for energy data to be separated in the core backup for individual restore.
Another option would be to enable config for energy component allowing data storage to a seperate database.

Have you found a solution to this? I just built a new instance docker => HassIO VM and would love to transfer over the energy data.

No change AFAIK. You’ll need to restore your full dbase to recover energy data.

after an update I lost all my previous energy data. I have older backup. Do you know if I can only replace the home assitant-V2.db file will be ok and the energy data will be restored? Is there an alternative to restore my energy data?